Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good designs inspire me: Betsy Bush at GCU

Betsy complimented me this morning by blogging about my cards at GCU-for a design challenge Corrie Kuipers created on behalf of GCU and its artists. It was such a nice gesture and I had not noticed this challenge yet, so I wanted to genuinely thank Betsy in my own blog because I have been a fan of her designs as well.

I visited Betsy's Dragonfire Graphics shop a month or so ago and found a series of designs I loved. I'm always inspired by good designs and Betsy's birthday series is one of my favorites. It's a challenge to edit your ideas when you're designing cards--when you are specifically trying to express feelings from one person to another, the purpose of cards, you just want to fill the design with all of the wonderful things that come to heart and mind, but the sentiment and thoughts do have to be clear and not cluttered. I think these designs, 3 of her birthday series and two from other collections, are so good because they are simple, clear, and lovely.


There are a lot of artists on GCU and I think half a million or so cards--something for everyone!