Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birds at Rest

One of my favorite things is sitting or walking outside in very early morning (or very late night, depending on your perspective) and listening to night sounds, under the moon and stars with a little chill in the air. It's very peaceful. And I've been working on "peaceful" posters tonight which is why I brought this up to begin with. Peace. And cats and birds.

I live with a cat named Leonis. I adore him. He is the most peaceful and loving being I know. He's a very big cat and his little brother is about half his size. Little brother is a little more aggressive :) Peace and aggression are interesting ideas when it comes to animals or animal nature. Why, when a cat is well fed, do they still hunt? Why do they play with and eventually kill birds when they aren't hungry?

A lot of bird lovers get understandably upset when talking about this because it seems cruel and unfair to birds. I've often heard bird lovers say there should be a quota for cats in any given area because of their impact on the bird population. I love birds and don't like to see them killed either and I try to prevent it as much as possible on our property. So I did a little painting a while back about birds and peace and my favorite time of night. I titled it Birds at Rest.

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