Friday, September 26, 2014

Daily Cat Cartoon 5 Trained by My Cats

I've been well trained by my cats. I know when they want to eat. I know what they like to eat. And if I buy more than a few cans of it, they will no longer like to eat it. It is up to me to figure out what they then like to eat.

I know when they want me to get out of bed. And while in bed, I am allowed the corner of the pillow closest to the edge of the bed. If I stray close to the middle, I wake up with a hairy weight across my forehead.

I know I am not allowed to visit the bathroom unaccompanied. I cannot use the bathroom 
without turning on water in the sink. I cannot use the bathroom facilities without a tail wagging in my face like a metronome while they perch on the sink.

Meals demand a close inspection of my food. In stereo. I know I must present my food and explain it is something they don't like to eat. This is never accepted at face value. It must be sniffed. With vigor. And if I've been truthful, they leave me to it. I always offer a bite if I know they will enjoy it. Somehow, this
has not instilled trust. There will be sniffing.

I know I cannot let them both walk on the porch at the same time. One goes out. I sit down and get comfortable and then the other must go out.
Then I sit down and get comfortable. Then I must let the first one back in. I sit down . . . :)

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