Monday, July 4, 2011

My Cat Loves Birthday Candles

I live with a cat who is fascinated by fire. Maybe because he started life being cold. We were given two male kittens who were 2 days old and abandoned by their young mother. One was half the size of his brother and a little cool to the touch. I put him inside my shirt, over my heart and held him in place there for two days, rubbing his tiny back. At the end of the second day he was a lot warmer and active. I named him Tagni, an ancient Etruscan name he likes. He’s a small guy with a huge personality and a few quirks.

When he was really young he would walk around the house barking. I reminded him he was a cat and that dogs bark, kittens meow. He stopped barking and I was sorry I had mentioned it. He is also the only one of our cats who loves broccoli and brussels sprouts. He likes to take a sniff or sample of whatever I’m cooking or spices I open and then walks away. Educating his palate.
Eight years later, Tagni still loves to lay next to my heart. He also likes to get too close to flames so I have to be careful when lighting candles. Especially this year . . .This year’s birthday cake had enough candles to pose a serious threat to the table it was sitting on, let alone a curious cat. It could have been a CATastrophe J For kitty birthday fun:
One of my cats and birthday cards Birthday Spa Treatments
I have an orange tabby, so I love Jamie Wogan Edwards' Apple Girl With Tabby
And one of Corrie Kuipers' wonderful birthday cats Sweet


  1. You are 100% guilty of loving kitties. Cute post.

  2. Enjoyed your post. Tangi was a lucky kitty to find a loving "mother" to take care of him!


  3. Hi Sharon -
    I am in love with your cards - your style is adorable! I featured a card from each artists on my Lightning Round list - and I chose your Spa Cat card (being a massage therapist and an animal lover, it was just too cute to pass up)!
    - Peggy/

  4. Tagni...what a great name and I just loved how your told your story. You had me in stitches when you spoke of his barking. I've been a long-time fan of Blessing Art Animals and it's wonderful to hear where some of your inspiration comes from.
    Doreen Erhardt

  5. I would give my left paw to hear a barking cat! Great Story, great spa card!

  6. thanks everyone :) I enjoyed all of your stories too!

  7. You have such a cute style of art! Love your cats!

  8. I could have sworn I left a comment the other day...Blogger must have ate it! Glad to see you in the line-up Sharon, I am a big fan of your art (you know that).

  9. I liked your story about Tagni. Isn't it wonderful when an animal does something unexpected like bark when it is supposed to meow? I love the spa cat card.

  10. Sounds like Tagni is one heck of a sweet kitty... and the barking part really made me laugh. lol. Thanks for sharing.