Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salem Friends of Felines

I saw this wonderful window while I was driving the other day. In it was a kitty jungle gym and a beautiful cat laying contentedly on top, looking out at the passing traffic. I was on my way somewhere or would have stopped in, but on my list of must-dos! It's Salem Friends of Felines, a cat rescue and adoption organization with attached thrift store. They are a no-kill organization for cats in Salem, Oregon. Here is their website and info:

Our Mission Statement:
To help as many homeless cats and kittens as we can by placing them in loving permanent homes; to reduce feline over-population through education and our spay/neuter assistance program; and to bring more public awareness to the plight of homeless and unwanted cats.

They offer spay and neuter help through a voucher program. Call this number to get in touch with a volunteer:
503 362-5611

You can adopt cats and kittens from this location or at the Petsmart on Lancaster Dr. NE.

Pet Rescue and Adoption organizations work very hard and depend on volunteers to run. So, let's hear it for animal lovers and volunteers!


  1. Great idea combining a thrift store with a shelter! Love your volunteering card, Sharon :)